terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2016


There are lots of dark clouds in the sky.  (it, rain).

- Do you all want to come to the beach with us?
- Thanks, but we can't.  (we, choose) our new house this weekend.

- So, what time  (we, meet) tomorrow?
- Sorry,  (we, not, go) to the theater after all. Our car isn't working very well.

 (Tyler, ask) Sonia out?

Our sales are going very well.  (we, make) big money this month.

 (I, not,shop) at Willow Mall anymore. I was there this morning and the prices were absurd!

Yesterday, Tammy decided to buy a new car.  (she, go) to a dealership tomorrow.

So, what did you decide?  (you, join) the club?

Write questions in going to future.

  1. (he / cook dinner / tonight) 
  2. (you / run / in the race) 
  3. (they / climb / that mountain) 
  4. (she / exercise / at the gym / in the afternoon) 
  5. (you / carry / that heavy box) 
  6. (computer / crash) 
  7. (we / eat / fish / tonight) 
  8. (he / play football / tomorrow) 
  9. (Lucy / call / a taxi) 
  10. (you / sing / a song / for us)        font:EGO4
  11. Write questions with the verb "to watch".

        a film?
     you    a film?
     he/she    a film?
     we    a film?
     you    a film?
     they    a film?font:firstenglish.org

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